Metro stations are to remain open 24 hours a day from the evening of 27 to the morning of 30 January to provide shelter for homeless people against the cold. Stations normally close from around midnight to 05.30 when the metro is not in service.

In total seven stations will remain open: Barberini, Flaminio, Vittorio and S. Giovanni on metro line A and Piramide, Tiburtina and Ponte Mamolo on metro line B.

The measure comes in response to warnings by meteorologists of a sharp fall in temperatures over the next few days.

The city also has 590 places available for homeless people in 11 night centres run by associations and religious groups. These centres will remain open until 31 March 2010 and provide a range of services for homeless people including wash facilities, a laundry service and medical treatment.

For information or to report a homeless person in need the number to dial is 800440022.