A new church in the Magliana area of Rome was consecrated by Cardinal Camillo Ruini on Saturday 25 March. S. Volto di Ges, at the corner of Via Caprese and Via della Magliana, was designed by the Italian firm Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenon. The church has taken just less than three years to build and has cost an estimated 4 million.

The new church contains works by some of the most important contemporary Italian artists: Carla Accardi has designed the dividing glass window between one of the chapel and the central nave; Marco Tirelli has painted a luminous sphere on the wall; Eliseo Mattiacci has designed a 15-metre cross outside of the church; there is a gate by Giuseppe Uncini and a Via Crucis by Mimmo Paladino. The Greek artist Jannis Kounellis will also contribute a work for the central circle of the spherical window of the church.