Lose your passport, lose your holiday

Passport awareness campaign by British embassy and Rome

Rome has joined forces with the British embassy to Italy by launching an awareness campaign highlighting the importance of keeping your passport safe.

Launched on 17 April by British ambassador Christopher Prentice and Rome mayor Ignazio Marino, the campaign is aimed at all English-speaking tourists who are reminded that a lost passport will cost them time, money and stress.

The message Lose your passport, lose your holiday – Keep it safe is being advertised on Rome's transport services including train stations, buses and airports, as well as at information points and on social media.

Obtaining an emergency travel document can take several days and can involve a police report while a replacement passport can cost up to €250, all of which can ruin a holiday.

British nationals who need an emergency travel document should make an appointment at their embassy, tel. +390642202431.

For full details see British embassy website.