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Italy PM visits Rome trade union base stormed in Green Pass protest

Rome CGIL base trashed during 'No Green Pass' protests.

Italian premier Mario Draghi on Monday visited the headquarters of CGIL, Italy's largest trade union, which was stormed after a 'No Green Pass' protest in Rome turned violent.

A group of protesters, including members of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova group, smashed their way inside the building, turning its offices upside down before being evicted by police.

Draghi met with CGIL secretary general Maurizio Landini to express in person the solidarity of the Italian government.

Rome prefect Matteo Piantedosi blamed "some members of Forza Nuova" for what he called "a vile and violent attack".

Police arrested 12 people for their role in the violence in Rome on Saturday night, including Roberto Fiore (62), and Giuliano Castellino (45), the national leader and Roman leader of Forza Nuova respectively.

The incident has been condemned across the political spectrum in Italy and has led to calls from the left for Forza Nuova to be disbanded.

Green Pass protest

The demonstration was organised in protest over a requirement for workers in Italy to have the Green Pass, a digital or paper certificate showing that people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19.

From 15 October Italy will require all workers - in both the public and private sectors - to present a Green Pass in the workplace or face suspension without pay.

In the wake of the violence on Saturday night, CGIL is organising a major anti-fascist rally in defence of "work and democracy" in Rome on Saturday 16 October.

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