Free dinner for 100 homeless people in Rome

Café in Vatican parish responds to pope's appeal for solidarity with poor

The owner of a café beside the Vatican has responded to Pope Francis's appeal for solidarity with the poor by hosting a free dinner for 100 homeless people at 19.00 on 14 January.

The event was organised by the pontifical parish of S. Anna and Fausta Fedeli, the owner of Bar Moretto on Via di Porta Angelica, located just outside the Vatican walls near Piazza del Risorgimento.

The 100 diners, comprising numerous nationalities including Italians, received an antipasto of meats and cheeses, lasagna, roast meat with potatoes, tiramisù and coffee.

The guests were served by Fedeli's staff, who worked late without extra pay, as well as the Papal Almoner Archbishop Konrad Krajewski and Fr Bruno Silvestrini, parish priest of S. Anna.