The Etruscan museum at Villa Giulia in Rome and many of the Etruscan sites in northern Lazio are being neglected, according to a report from the superintendent of the sites in Lazio to the minister of culture. Upkeep and maintenance is difficult because of the lack of funds and there is now a danger of irreversible destruction at some sites, according to the report.

The Etruscan burial sites at Tarquinia, Cerveteri and Tuscania, which are UNESCO protected-sites, all come under the Lazio section of the ministry of culture covered in the report. At the national Etruscan museum in the renaissance Villa Giulia in Rome 14 rooms out of 35 are usually closed because of staff shortages, with the result that even uniquely beautiful treasures such as the Apollo of Veio and the sarcophagus of the bride and bridegroom are not always accessible to the visitor.