A tomb raider has revealed the existence of probably the most important Etruscan necropolis ever found. The tomb is in the Parco de Veio, 18 km to the north of Rome, between the Via Cassia and the Via Flaminia, the nearest protected Etruscan area to the capital. The tomb, which is in an area of the park, which has until now been considered to be of little interest, dates from the seventh century BC. The ceiling is decorated in black, red and brown with the outlines of aquatic and migrating birds, symbols of the passage from life to death, while the walls are decorated with lions, symbols of the underworld . The tomb was clearly that of a very important person, probably an Etruscan prince and his wife. The sarcophagus is no longer in the tomb but was probably removed several centuries ago.

The tomb raider has said that he will reveal other secrets and, since he is due to appear in court on 7 July to face charges of raiding another tomb in the Veio park, he clearly hopes that his revelations will lead to a mitigated sentence.