Covid: Italy virologists sing 'Yes Vax' to tune of Jingle Bells

Backlash on social media in Italy for 'Sì vax'

Three so-called celebrity virologists have raised eyebrows in Italy by singing a covid vaccine-inspired song called Sì, Sì vax to the tune of Jingle Bells.

The three medical experts - Andrea Crisanti, Matteo Bassetti and Fabrizio Pregliasco - were invited to sing the ditty by the radio show Un giorno da pecora, on state broadcaster RAI Radio 1.

Video footage shows the trio of scientists singing awkwardly along to the alternative lyrics, not always in tune, to the backdrop of jingling bells and fake snow.

The bizarre performance, seen by some as a lighthearted way to convince those on the No Vax side, contains the chorus (in Italian): "Yes yes yes vax, let's get vaccinated" and the line: "covid will no longer exist if you help us too."

The lyrics also invite people not to kiss their grandparents and the promise that if they get vaccinated they will be able to have a happy Christmas, "eat panettone" and go to "joyful parties".

The song caused an immediate backlash on social media, earning criticism including "embarrassing", "super cringe" and "I hope it's a fake", with one comment describing it as "the saddest thing I have seen since Bambi's mother died".