Covid-19 in Italy: Fines for not wearing masks outdoors in Rome

New mask rules come into force in Lazio region on 3 October.

The central Lazio region of Italy, which includes Rome, has issued an order obliging people to wear face masks in public, including outdoors, amid a rise in new covid-19 cases.

The widely-expected move will take effect from tomorrow, Saturday 3 October, with fines of €400 for those who fail to comply with the new rules.

The order was signed this morning by the president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, who described masks as a "powerful prevention tool" in the battle against covid-19.

Zingaretti also added that "for now" there were no early closures planned for bars and restaurants.

The measure will apply 24 hours a day to everyone except children under the age of six, people with disabilities preventing them from wearing masks, and those engaged in physical exercise or sport.

For full details about the new ordinance see Regione Lazio website.

Photo credit: Gennaro Leonardi /