Covid-19 cases on the rise in Italy

For the first time in months, the number of new daily infections returns to over three thousand in a single day. 

According to the bulletin released by the Italian Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours 3,678 new cases have been registered, one thousand more than Tuesday, when 2,677 cases had emerged. 

Such an increase has not been recorded since 16 April.

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The total number of infected since the beginning of the outbreak, including victims and cured, rises to 333,940.

The number of victims - 31 in one day, yesterday they were 28 – has also increased and returned to the values of the end of June.

125,314 swabs have been analysed in Italy in the last 24 hours. According to data provided by the Ministry of Health, 12,069,402 swabs were performed since the beginning of the pandemic, and a total of 7,296,766 cases were tested.