Covid-19: 74 per cent of Italians say country handled crisis well

Almost three quarters of Italians approve of national response to covid-19.

74 per cent of Italians have expressed a positive opinion in relation to how the government has managed the coronavirus crisis, according to a survey conducted in 14 advanced economies by the Pew Research Center.

The approval rate is one of the highest among the 14 nations surveyed, albeit far from the results of Denmark (95 per cent approval) and Australia (94 per cent).

Italy's result is also in line with the 73 per cent median among the 14 nations surveyed whose respondents expressed opinions on how their country has handled the covid-19 pandemic.

In third place is Canada (88 per cent), followed by Germany (88), Netherlands (87) and South Korea (86 per cent). After Italy comes Sweden in eighth place with 71 per cent, followed by Belgium (61), France (59), Japan (55), and Spain (54).

At the bottom of the table are the US and the UK, whose management of the crisis is rejected among those surveyed, with a negative opinion expressed respectively by 52 per cent and 54 per cent.

For full details of the survey, conducted among 14,276 adults in 14 countries between 10 June and 3 August, see Pew Research Center website.

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