The thousands of tourists and art lovers who have visited the Church of S. Agostino in Rome in recent years will have been aware of the ongoing renovation work due to the preponderance of scaffolding and cordoned-off chapels. A short walk from the Piazza Navona, the church was recently closed to the public by the fire service for safety reasons after chunks of plasterwork and frescoes dropped from the cupola of the central nave. The citys cultural heritage services have been called in to investigate but, as yet, there is no clear idea when the church will reopen. S. Agostino houses a number of invaluable artistic treasures including Caravaggios Madonna dei Pellegrini and Raffaellos The Prophet Isaiah. The former is famous for its depiction of a kneeling pilgrim whose dirty feet are drawn by the eye of onlookers, and the figure of the Madonna, whose face carries an uncanny resemblance to a notorious Roman prostitute of Caravaggios day.