Another tourist caught vandalising Colosseum

Tourists charged over graffiti and flying drones at Rome site.

A 17-year-old Brazilian youth has become the latest tourist charged by Rome police for damaging the Colosseum, after he carved a letter "G" into one of the building's internal walls.
In June another 17-year-old tourist, from Austria, was detained while trying to detach a fragment from an exterior column of the amphitheatre.
In early July a 28-year-old tourist from Qatar was caught flying a drone over the Colosseum and was charged with violating the city's drone ban.
Police have recently carried out several raids on illegal commercial activity around the ancient monument, fining hawkers and seizing their merchandise.
Over the last year a spate of tourists have been charged with defacing the Colosseum's walls, including a German who carved "Suba", an Ecuadorian visitor who carved the names "Rachid" and "Diana", and a French tourist who left behind the inscription "Sabrina 2017".