All of Italy to be covid-19 'white zone' amid rise of Delta variant

Move to 'white zone' comes amid concerns about Delta variant in Italy.

All of Italy will become a 'white zone' - the country's lowest-risk covid-19 category - from Monday 28 June, the health minister Roberto Speranza announced this evening.

"It is an encouraging result, but caution and prudence are still needed, especially in light of the new variants" - Speranza wrote on Twitter - "The battle is not yet won."

The move coincides with growing concerns about the Delta and Kappa coronavirus strains, which account for almost 17 per cent of total covid-19 cases in the past month, the higher health institute (ISS) said this evening.

Italy reported 56 coronavirus-related deaths on Friday, against 28 the day before (21 of the fatalities registered today relate to recalculations from the Puglia region), while the daily tally of new infections fell to 753 from 927, reports news agency ANSA.

For official information relating to the covid-19 situation in Italy - in English - see the health ministry website. Image: Milan June 2021. Photo credit: Antonello Marangi /