Decree. It is past midday on 16 June and the first few hundred people are gathered in front of Montecitorio to protest against the decree concerning the reconstruction of Abruzzo, which is soon to be converted into law. Some of the details remain unclear. It is understood that the proposed legislation provides for full reimbursement to those who have lost their homes and special provisions for those who have a mortgage. However, the victims are asking for a more detailed plan and the inclusion of other measures such as reimbursements for the reconstruction or restoration of second homes, which are currently excluded from government help.

Police control. A speaker announces that the buses from Abruzzo have been blocked on the motorway by the police for inspection.

New Italian nobility. While we wait our Italian politicians step out of luxury foreign cars; only one Italian car is seen. Montecitorio is buzzing with elegantly dressed politicians who seem to mirror the new Italian nobility; they are far less distinguished but for them everything is permitted. Only Marco Pannella of the Radical party wears his scruffy aged look. The heat is at its maximum and people desperately walk towards the shade away from the frying sun.