Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
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100 short impressions after a year in Italy.

By just 5 au pairs


1. They wear old man pajamas that normal people only wear on Christmas morning

2. Super scared of feet; house shoes, blue things on feet in showers at swimming because of the "mushrooms in the ground"

3. Wifi isn't available often

4. At the pool boys and girls change/get naked in front of each other

5. Girls don't wear swimsuit tops

6. They call bathing suits costumes

7. Rare to have a TV guide/subtitles option

8. Eat at the same time every day

9. Only eat italian food

10. Cookies are served for breakfast

11. Shops close just cause they feel like it

12. Everything goes on strike all the time

13. Water cups are the size of shot glasses

14. Open container law doesn't exist

15. They drive crazy

16. They don't eat the peels of anything

17. The penises are uncircumsized

18. They are terrified of the rain, and schools shut down when there's a prediction of rain.

19. The only dressing option is olive oil

20. You can't pay with an Italian debit card online

21. They are super crazy about using electricity

22. If you use too many appliances at once the power shuts off

23. They wear the same outfit 2 days in a row

24. Bidet in all bathrooms

25. In many bathrooms the toilet is just a hole in the ground

26. Boys live with their mom till they get married

27. Salad is the last course of the meal

28. They eat super late

29. They make one lane roads Into two lane

30. On the train, you have to guess which stop is yours

31. They all use whatsapp to text

32. They text using only voice recordings

33. All food groups are eaten separately, never more than one kind of food on a plate

34. They don't use towels after their showers, they just go straight into robes

35. You have a twin size bed until you get married

36. They don't have dryers they hang all their clothes to dry

37. Water is more expensive during the day so families only use the dishwasher and the washing machine at night.

38. In Italian there's no word for toes

39. Light switches are often on the outside of rooms

40. All prescriptions come in boxes

41. Coffee shops are called bars

42. Bars are called cafés

43. People can smoke cigarettes inside

44. Everyone blow dries their hair

45. Undershirts are always worn

46a. Dogs can shit on the street and no one ever cleans it up

 46b. Dogs can go anywhere, they can even sit on people's laps at restaurants

47. The pizzas never come pre-cut

48. The elevators are so tiny and almost never automatic

49. Restaurants don't open until 7

50. The eggs aren't refrigerated at the grocery store

51. Unisex bathroom at bars

52. Condom vending machines are all over the streets

53. 4g isn't available in italy

54. Fruit is always served after dinner

55. On the buses - there are 3 doors. You can only enter on the front or the back and you can only exit through the middle.

56. You take a number wherever you go because Italians don't know how to make a single file line

57. Trains are never on time

58. You re-up your phone and buy stamps at the tabacchi shops

59. Everyone has a "fade"

60. You use a foot pedal to control the water in the sink at many bars and restaurants

61. Paper towels/dryers are rare in the bathrooms

62. They almost never drink out of cans, they pour their drinks from cans into cups

63. Water isn't free in italy

64. People pregame in mini marts, the people who work there will open bottles of wine and pour them in plastic cups which you can then take into the street to continue pregaming

65. At a restaurant, when you ask what kinds of beers are on tap, the response is usually "big and small."

66. Nobody speaks English

67. Churches offer swimming lessons

68. Americans have a rep of being fat but Italians always eat a full pizza to themselves. If you ask to split a pizza at a restaurant, the people who work there get angry.

69. People say "salute" during cheers and when people sneeze.

70. They keep their pajamas under their pillow

71. They spank their kids

72. Italian high schools last 5 years

73. There are no sports in Italian high schools, no school spirit

74. You don't switch classes throughout the day, the teachers switch instead

75. Many exams, even in college, even math exams, are oral

76. Ordering a cappuccino after dinner is very offensive

77. There are nuns everywhere but Italians think if you see a nun outside of church it's bad luck.

78. Grandparents usually live with the family

79. A sweet potato is called a potato Americano, and they don't eat them. They put them in jars till they sprout plants because it's "funny."

80. Kids shower once a week

81. The principal at school cannot send emails to families because it's not fair for families that don't have email

82. No wifi connection allowed at the kids school because of the electro magnetic waves

83. Almost all Italian girls names end with an A, and almost Italian guys name ends with an O. The ones that don't end with E.

84. Only people in the front seat wear seat belt, and they think wearing a seat belt in the back is "more dangerous."

85. They say "pronto" on the phone instead of "ciao"

86. When you get a manicure, they finish an entire hand before starting the other.

87. Boys all put grease in their hair

88. They bundle up for 70 degree weather

89. You always use a tablecloth for dinner

90. Street people walk around everywhere selling roses, umbrellas and light up necklaces.

91. Credit cards are not widely accepted

92. They calls their friends "uncle"

93. All their cars here are stick shift

94. There are no houses, only apartments

95. They only have plastic Christmas trees

96. Garage sales are illegal in Italy

97. You order a coffee, you're given an espresso.

98. At a restaurant, it's rude to ask to take your leftovers to go.

99. Because most people live in apartments, kids think santa comes through the window, not the chimney.

100. We showed this list to many Italian people, and they agree.

By "Or just 5 au pairs"

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Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
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