Spirit of Scotland

This three-day event showcases a vast range of Scotland's whisky, from well-known to rare, and includes tastings and masterclasses.

The festival also involves traditional Scottish fare such as shortbread, salmon and jams displayed alongside Italian delicacies, and a novelty this year is a third day devoted exclusively to trade, featuring open tastings and seminars led by high-profile industry experts.

There is also the chance to sample classic mixed drinks with a twist, courtesy of the Jerry Thomas Project, Rome.

However the biggest news this year is that the fourth edition of the festival has moved from the Aranciera di S. Sisto venue to the larger Salone delle Fontane in EUR, due to the growing popularity of the event which enjoys the patronage of the British embassy in Rome.

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Address Salone delle Fontane, EUR

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Spirit of Scotland

Salone delle Fontane, EUR