Jonathan Boardman book launch in Rome

18 July. Jonathan Boardman presents his latest book "Umbria - A cultural history" at the Almost Corner Bookshop in Trastevere at 18.00 on 18 July. Boardman's book follows the cultural themes throughout Umbria's complex history, its uniquely rich artistic legacy and its lively modern trends. From its theatres to its factories, from its farmhouses to its town halls, from its churches and cathedrals to its restaurants, he charts what is distinct about the people who have made this their home. These include the ever-present waves of new settlers, be they invading Goths or today's economic migrants and ex-patriot settlers. He also mines the rich literary vein laid down by such foreign visitors as Smollett, Goethe, Byron and Henry James while not neglecting the local Latin and Italian heralds of Umbria's charm. Boardman is rector at the All Saints Anglican church in Rome, as well as Archdeacon of Italy and Malta for the Church of England. He's the author of "Rome" in the Cities of the Imagination series.

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Address (18.00)Almost Corner Bookshop, Via del Moro 45, tel. 065836942.

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Jonathan Boardman book launch in Rome

(18.00)Almost Corner Bookshop, Via del Moro 45, tel. 065836942.

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