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Terms and Conditions


Clause 1. THE WANTED IN ROME CARD is a personal discount card issued by ROTONDA SERVIZI S.R.L.S. with offices in Rome, Via delle Coppelle 9, and issued to the Card holder who requests it.  By signing the acceptance form, the Card holder agrees to use the card according to these present regulations.  In the case of use in contravention of these present regulations, THE WANTED IN ROME CARD may be withdrawn, with no right to any reimbursement to the Card holder.  THE WANTED IN ROME CARD should be used personally by the Card holder, who shall guard it with due diligence.  In affiliated businesses, the Card holder shall be invited to show an identity document to verify that he or she is indeed the holder of the Card.  The Card cannot be replaced, and in case of its loss or theft the Card holder who intends to continue to enjoy its benefits will need to purchase a new Card.  The cost of the Card is € 25, valid for one calendar year from 1 January to 31 December.  This cost is not reimbursable, in part or in whole, even if the Card holder has not enjoyed its benefits.

Clause 2.  The Card holder of THE WANTED IN ROME CARD is entitled to obtain benefits from businesses affiliated with the initiative as listed in the appropriate section of the internet site WWW.WANTEDINROME.COM, periodically updated by the Issuer.   The businesses affiliated with the program and the benefits they offer form an integral part of these present regulations and are constantly kept updated.  Card holders may be informed by means of an email news letter.  In order to enjoy the benefits in the businesses affiliated with the circuit, the Card holder shall show THE WANTED IN ROME CARD together with an identity document.  The discounts and benefits can vary for each affiliated business and/or may be withdrawn or modified on a daily basis; the Card holder should therefore always check the current validity on the internet site WWW.WANTEDINROME.COM, where benefits reserved for Card holders shall be constantly updated.  Catering businesses will apply the benefits described in the following clause.  Use of THE WANTED IN ROME CARD may be suspended on public holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, ….), on days immediately preceding such holidays, or in combination with other promotional offers for the same products (as non-exclusive examples, end of season sales, liquidation sales, etc.): in such cases the Card holder is invited to contact the affiliated business, whose telephone numbers will be available on the internet site, for further information.

Clause 3.  Each business affiliated with the program shall choose the days and any particular conditions in which THE WANTED IN ROME CARD shall be valid for enjoying the benefits.  The Card holder accepts that the Issuer has no role whatever in relations between the Card holder and the affiliated businesses.  In the case of complaint over the non-application of advertised benefits, the Card holder is free to act directly toward the defaulting business.  The Card holder shall advise the Issuer of any problem experienced in his or her relations with affiliated businesses, to allow the Issuer to take appropriate measures.

Clause 4.  Changes may be made to these present regulations at the Issuer’s sole discretion; any such changes will take effect 15 days after their announcement on the internet site WWW.WANTEDINROME.COM, or by written advice to all Card holders.

Clause 5.  For any controversy over the execution, resolution or interpretation of these present regulations, Rome Tribunal shall have exclusive competence.


ROTONDA SERVICES S.r.l.S informs participants in the program (affiliated businesses and card holders) that the personal data they provide shall be used in conformity with the norms concerning the protection of personal data specified in the Italian law D.Lgs. 196/03, for a correct management of activity concerning participation in the present program. ROTONDA SERVICES S.r.l.S shall use the personal data of participants only for the purpose of permitting their participation.  Their personal data shall be treated in hardcopy and/or in electronic form for purposes strictly correlated to this purpose and in such a way as to guarantee their safety and privacy.  The handling of personal data shall be carried out for the specific purpose of participation in the program, and for only as long as necessary for this purpose.  The data shall be kept in a manner and for a duration permitted by current legislation.  THE WANTED IN ROME CARD S.r.l., to ensure the correct implementation of all activities necessary or instrumental for the provision of the requested services, shall where necessary be permitted to divulge personal data of participants in the loyalty initiative to third parties, including external parties carrying out specific operations on behalf of THE WANTED IN ROME CARD S.r.l., exclusively for purposes necessary or instrumental for participation in the program.  Such parties shall operate in total autonomy as separate data holders or as external parties responsible for data, nominated for this purpose by THE WANTED IN ROME CARD S.r.l.

Holder of the data management is THE WANTED IN ROME CARD S.r.l. with offices in Rome, Via di Monserrato 49, to whom application may be made to exercise one’s rights as specified in art. 7 of the law D.Lgs. 196/03, including the right to deny treatment of one’s personal data.

Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Castelli H3 - 1920 x 190
Castelli H3 - 1920 x 190
Castelli H3 - 1920 x 190
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