Vicus Jugarius reopens in Roman Forum

Rome restores ancient street as part of bimillennium of emperor Augustus

The ancient Vicus Jugarius in the Roman forum has reopened following a €1.3-million restoration over the last four years.

Located between the Temple of Saturn and the Basilica Julia near the base of the Capitoline hill, the newly-reopened street once formed part of the original trade route to the river Tiber.

The 1,000-sqm area was excavated extensively – to nine metres – and visitors can now enjoy the remains of an ancient Roman bath complex as well as a 16th-century cloister.

Described as a "piece of paradise" by the city's archaeology superintendent Mariarosaria Barbera, the Vicus Iugarius was restored for the 2,000th anniversary of the death of Roman emperor Augustus.

Photo La Repubblica.