A bus full of lawyers will be making its way around the outskirts of Rome over the next month as part of an experiment to provide legal assistance on an itinerant basis. The lawyers of the Foro di Roma will give advice free of charge about judicial questions and legal matters ranging from rows with fellow condominium owners to relations with public authorities, indicating the fastest and cheapest way to resolve the problems. The bus will call at Piazzale Magellano (Ostia Lido) on 21 and 28 June, 09.30-12.00; at Via di Torrenova near the Parco di Via Calimera car park on 24 June and 10 July, 16.30-20.00; at Viale di Tor Bella Monaca near the Supermercato Pewex car park on 26 June and 15 July, 16.30-20.00; at Largo Morreale near the church of S. G. Vianney on 1 and 17 July, 16.30-20.00; at Piazza B. Crivelli opposite Via S. Satta on 3 July, 16.30-20.00; and at Via di Casalbertone opposite Via G. Marcotti on 8 July, 16.30-20.00. For more information tel. 060606 or see www.comune.roma.it.