British writer, film-maker and left-wing political commentator Tariq Ali will be discussing his latest book "The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity" with journalist Marco D'Eramo at the British Council on 29 September. Ali, who was born in 1943 in Lahore in what was then British-controlled India, and studied at Oxford University, is the author of a series of historical novels about Islam, including "The Book of Saladin" and "The Stone Woman". A former campaigner against the war in Vietnam, he is now on the board of the New Left Review, and is a regular broadcaster on BBC radio. "The Clash of Fundamentalisms", which has just been published in Italy by Rizzoli, is an analysis of Islam and its relationship with the West, and with the United States in particular. The discussion will be held at Via delle Quattro Fontane 20, tel. 06478141, at 18.30.

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