On 9 September police evicted around 200 immigrants and homeless people squatting in a building on Via Salaria, causing heavy traffic throughout the area.

The structure, a former paper museum located at number 971, belongs to Fintecna and was occupied by the Bangladeshi association Dhuumcatu and the squatter committee Area ingovernabile a year and a half ago.

The squatters reportedly gave little resistance to the eviction and were subsequently transferred to alternative accommodation or to the immigration office to have their papers checked.

The operation led to the closure of the Via Salaria from the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) exit to Urbe airport in the direction of Rome. Tempers were frayed as drivers sat in heavy traffic before being redirected onto the GRA by police.

The eviction follows a similar operation at the former Regina Elena hospital on Viale Regina Margherita close to the city centre ten days ago.