Rome relives the Ludi Romani festival

9 - 18 September. The third edition of the Ludi Romani Festival takes place at Rome's Appia Antica park and in other locations around the capital from 9-18 September.

From 15-16 September the entire area around the Circus of Maxentius in the Appia Antica park will be transformed into a frontier town, complete with soldiers and warfare from the era of imperial Rome.

A series of events celebrates the life and culture of ancient Rome, including theatre, music, literature, dance and religion associated with the Ludi Romani festival, which dates to 386 BC. The ancient tradition was dedicated to Roman god Jupiter and included a procession from the Capitoline hill to the Circus Maximus followed by a sacrifice to Jupiter, feasts, theatrical productions and chariot races.

The 2012 international festival of Roman civilisation and culture involves historians mingling with costumed actors in an attempt to take visitors back in time through a mixture of fact and visuals. Visitors can observe military re-enactments and gladiatorial combat, and afterwards sample some traditional ancient Roman cuisine. There will be educational workshops for children and theatrical productions set against a background of music played on ancient instruments.

There will be conferences at the National Institute of Roman Studies on the Aventine and at the Temple of Hadrian in the central Campo Marzio district. 

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