Rome city museums free on 21 April

Municipal museums free for Rome's 2,771st birthday on 21 April.

Rome's city-run museums open their doors for free on the occasion of Natale di Roma - the city's 2,771st birthday - on Saturday 21 April.
The free museum initiative is part of the city's weekend-long birthday celebrations which include an open-air party with live music and street theatre on Sunday 22 April.

There is also a busy programme of historical re-enactments, featuring costumed centurions and vestal virgins, evoking ancient Roman traditions, including gladiator fights, at the Circus Maximus from 20-22 April.
Known as Natale di Roma, the annual birthday celebration is based on the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC.
For full details of city's cultural programme for the weekend see Musei in Comune website.