The Save the Children Italia has opened a day centre for immigrant orphans in Rome. Located in the area of S. Lorenzo in close proximity to Termini train station, CivicoZero, Via dei Bruzi 10, is open every afternoon and two mornings per week.

The objective of the CivicoZero day centre is to reach unsupervised immigrant children living on the margins of society and at risk of crime and exploitation.

In addition to providing these children with legal and medical services the CivicoZero centre offers them with a safe place to learn and play. The centre has a playground, sports facilities, a computer lab and classrooms where it organises art workshops and other creative activities. There are also showers and a canteen.

According to a report by Save the Children Italia, there are over 7,797 immigrant orphans living in Italy from over 78 different countries, 1,152 of whom are living in Rome.

Many of the children who arrive at the immigration centres on the island of Lampedusa are found foster families on mainland Italy but then leave them and head for the capital.

Save the Children Italia is part of the international Save the Children Alliance, a non-profit organisation active in over 100 countries around the world to defend the rights of children.

For more information tel. Save the Children Italia 064807001,