Seriously considering letting your wardrobe have a spring fling or a summer affair? First, lets take a closer look at what this entails. Having a fling or an affair isnt long term and can actually be quite brief. You are not obliged to commit. This freedom permits you to decide when youve had enough and as soon as you have, you can stop and try something completely new and different.

Affairs are known to be somewhat secretive but with this years vibrant colours it is a bit difficult to remain inconspicuous. You will surely be noticed in this seasons bold hues of cheery fuchsia, ruby red, acid yellow, neon green and deep magenta. Or you may opt for cool, breezy, pastel candy colours. But wearing soft, delicate shades of rose, celestial blue and lilac doesnt exactly mean that you wont attract attention. Just about everything you wear this spring and summer will get noticed.

Famous fashion designers have drawn up the terms of this affair. They have given us a large number of options, provided new ideas and brought back previous trends that may or may not flatter your shape or size. The ball is in your court: as the buyer, you get to call the shots. Keep in mind that flings and affairs require a bit of discretion and arent meant to last forever, so dont be tempted to buy more summer items than youll actually need or will wear.

This summers oversized Jackie O styled sunglasses may help you cruise around incognito but youll still have all eyes on you when you pair any of the following latest chic and sexy pieces:

The Trench coat: Always necessary during a rainy spell. This seasons trench is knee-length, buttoned down and belted, in white, khaki or brilliant sunny yellow.

Floral prints: Those April showers were needed to bring blossoming May flowers. Beautiful bouquets of flowers can be found on all sorts of clothing, from dresses to shoes, pants, tops and even bikinis.

Dresses: Spring/summer 2006 is the season of the dress. The clean and crisp simple white dress, laced or embroidered, is the number one must have. Dresses are knee-length, extremely feminine and flowing. There is a definite loose-fit rule this season. Dresses are most popular with empire waist, baby-doll style with either lingerie-inspired or cotton prints. Although these dresses give the impression that everyone is expecting a baby, the style is the designers choice this year.

Peter Pan collar: These schoolgirl collars appear on coats, dresses and blouses. They are paired with more grown-up style attire.

Short shorts: These take the place of the ever-popular skirt this year. There are also versatile shorts that go from high-thigh to mid-thigh and can even come down lower closer to the knee like Bermudas. You can decide whether the short or longer length is more appropriate for you. If you choose to wear a skirt, make it a mini.

The comeback look: Designer Pucci prints, gingham print on shoes, sandals and shirts, polka dots and denim jean jackets.

Shirts: Make sure that its a polo or a white shirt which looks fresh and polished paired with straight-legged khaki or pastel-coloured trousers (no jeans).

Lace: A touch of lace can be found on dresses, bikinis and evening clutch bags.


Blue: Blue is said to be the new black. Why not try cobalt blue?

Gold: As spring turns into summer things begin to heat up. The sun shines and everything glitters like gold. Sparkle and shimmer in warm temperatures with gold and silver. Metalics are a sure way to update your look and always add a bit of glitz. The gold chain-link straps on purses are making a comeback.

Black and white: This combo is a classic look for spring. Wearing all black with an added dash of white or vice versa is a great contrast. The sailor-striped nautical effect looks good with solid colours.

Accessories... Clink everything together with a belt; theyre back and they finish the look. Jewellery this spring and summer is extremely simple. Even just a thin gold chain or a wristwatch is sufficient. Mini bags are suitable for toting around keys and lipstick.

Men, this surely isnt the affair that you might have imagined but if you are a willing participant there are some great fashionable tips for you to keep in mind this spring and summer. Simply invest in lightweight khaki, beige, white or blue jeans, a coloured polo with a sports jacket and sporty shoes. Gone are the hanging beltless pants. A belt is necessary to give a pulled-together, finished look. Linen pants and shirt as always give a classic and clean look to any mans wardrobe.

As we stated earlier, flings and affairs were never meant to last forever. When yours has been revealed, step up to the plate in your leather, wooden woven stacked platforms, neutral-coloured cowboy boots, wedge espadrilles or bow-tied ballet slippers and admit that you are guilty as charged. It began as a mere spring fling but now you are totally smitten. You can confess that you have fallen madly in love with almost every item in this years spring and summer collection. The affair has been unforgettable and one that will be cherished and remembered That is, until next years new spring/summer collection arrives.