Aurelio and Bravetta area

Situated near the Circonvallazione Aurelia and Via Gregorio VII, the apartment buildings Aurelia are pleasant and most of them have balconies. This is mainly a respectable middle class part of town, with small businesses and shops. The traffic is heavy especially along Via Aurelia, but quieter on the side roads. The Aurelio area is now linked up to the rest of the city by the metro line A and by several good bus routes. There are plenty of restaurants and night clubs, and there are even sports facilities and horse riding.
Close to the Via Aurelia and to Villa Pamphili, Bravetta is a classic example of a middle class residential district and it is popular with families as it is close to the park. The Via Bravetta which in some places is very narrow is frequently blocked by traffic. There is a good choice of small shops with reasonable prices. There is several hotels and places for bed and breakfast. The German school is located close by on Via Aurelia. It is slowly moving up-market and is a good value for money. However public transport is bad.

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Address Via di Bravetta, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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Aurelio and Bravetta area

Via di Bravetta, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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