Il Postiglione - Antica Posta dei Chigi

The structure and its surroundings were known as early as 1463 under the name of “The Lion’s Inn” where a curious innkeeper, nicknamed the Villain Hunter, entertained illustrious travelers. In 1666, the princely house of Chigi acquired the inn and engaged Carlo Fontana, a Bernini apprentice, to carry out its restoration. The building became the well-known postal relay of the Via Cassia, an ideal rest stop for pilgrims and merchants. Once it was inserted in the itinerary of the Grand Tour, it hosted the likes of Goethe, Alfieri, and Belli. In the 19th century it housed Napoleonic troops sent to the area to eradicate highwaymen from the nearby Baccano Valley. In the mid-nineteenth century, thanks to the intuition and passion of Otello Pulcini for this 16th century architectural jewel, serious restoration work was begun which, followed with loving dedication by the heirs of the Di Felice-Pulcini family, has now brought Il Postiglione back to the splendor of the Chigi.

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Address Via Cassia Antica, 15
Phone number 0039069041214

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Il Postiglione - Antica Posta dei Chigi

Via Cassia Antica, 15

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