Luigi Ontani. Eros and Heroes.

Until 30 Dec 2004. Ontani, one of Italys most unusual international artists, has always based his rich production on his own image. He himself is the object of his art; his subject matter is other be...

La Brocca Rotta by Heinrich von Kleist.

Until 14 Nov 2004. Directed and translated by Cesare Lievi, with Franca Nuti, Gian Carlo Dettori, Sandra Toffolatti, Leonardo de Colle. Lievi has attempted to highlight the many levels of reading this...

The IVth Episode of Tragedia Endogonidia.

BR.#04 Bruxelles/Brussel the IVth Episode of Tragedia Endogonidia. Until 19 Nov 2004. For Romaeuropa Festival, by the Societas Raffaello Sanzio directed by Romeo Castellucci. The Tragedia Endogonidia...


Until 21 Nov 2004. The Musical, from an idea by David De Silva, choreography by Stefano Bontempi.

King Lear by Shakespeare.

Until 28 Nov 2004. Directed by Antonio Calenda, with the acclaimed actor Roberto Herlitzka.

Finding Neverland.

Steeped in melancholy, the strange story of J. M. Barrie, the Victorian who wrote Peter Pan, has the makings of a marvellous tale and one doozy of a case history. Born in Scotland in 1860, Barrie was...

The Incredibles.

Its not every animated movie that deals with midlife crisis, marital dysfunction, child neglect, impotence fears, fashion faux pas and existential angst. But The Incredibles the latest in the line of...

Italian Drawings 1920-1980.

27 Oct-31 Jan 2005. Small works by Cambelotti, De Chirico, Depero, Severini, Licini, Leoncillo, Melotti, Fontana. Italian Drawings 1920-1980. 27 Oct-31 Jan 2005. Most galleries, museums or discernin...

Felice Levini, "Non c".

Until 20 Dec 2004. Paintings, collages, sculptures in various materials illustrate the artists experimental vein.


Until 31 Dec 2004. The musical, by Alessandro Londei, Brunella Caronti and Stefano Ghezzi. The plot is set in a provincial Italian town of the 1940s and the performance is brought to life by 16 actors...

Stanley Whitney: Recent Paintings.

Until 31 Dec 2004. Architecture, Arte Moderna.

Musica Per Roma: Patologie Italiane.

3 Jan 2005. Massimo Popolizio discusses the work of Cesare Lombroso, who in his 1876 work LUomo delinquente claimed to have discovered physical differences between criminals and law-abiding people.


There comes the moment in the career of many directors when they are compelled to tell the story of a great man in whose life they seem to see a glimmer of their own image. Oliver Stone has Alexander...

Shark Tale.

In "Shark Tale," those GoodFella fishes are tawking the tawk. DreamWorks animated movie gives us Don Lino, a great white shark, as voiced by Robert De Niro; and Sykes, his sidekick, a puffer fish who...

Torino Danza Focus 7.

Until 26 Feb 2005. Turin has become one of the most active cities in Italy for dance and this is one of the several dance festivals with workshops and conferences. Compagnia Feria Musica. 9, 10 Feb. I...

La Bohme by Puccini.

Until 27 Feb 2005. Conducted by Donato Renzetti, directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, with Walter Fraccaro, Marzio Giossi, Giancarlo Tosi and Hasmik Papian.


Until 27 Feb 2005. By Henrik Ibsen, directed by Massimo Castri, with Valeria Moriconi.

Giuseppe De Nittis. Impressionista Italiano.

11 Nov-27 Feb 2005. An exhaustive overview of the impressionists work. Giuseppe De Nittis is one of the few Italian impressionists that means he had a Parisian taste and loved living there, unlike...

Hotel Rwanda.

Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle), the Rwandan manager of the four-star Hotel des Milles Collines, in Kigali, wears a blue suit and tie and is very polite, even deferential, toward everyone. Paul works...


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