Vera Drake (Il Segreto di Vera Drake).

Mike Leighs "Vera Drake" is a kitchen-sink slice-of-life drama with an eye for detail as hypnotically acute as it is relentlessly gloomy. Its difficult to think of another recent film so seamlessly re...

The Manchurian Candidate.

The famous original, from 1962, written by George Axelrod, from a Richard Condon novel, and directed by John Frankenheimer, was a satire of Cold War anxieties that cut both ways, attacking both the fa...

Pablo Neruda. Passi in Italia.

14 Sept-16 Oct 2004. The exhibition is divided into three sections: Nerudas biography, his ties with Italy and his days in Capri. It tells the story of the great Chilean poet through photographs, lett...

Licia Galizia. "Il Testo Retto".

18 Sept-16 Oct 2004. A large installation and a series of small works witness the artists search for new materials.

Festival Nuovi Spazi Musicali.

This is the 25th edition of Romes successful contemporary music festival. The festivals director is contemporary music composer Ada Gentile, who has drawn up a programme of five concerts in collaborat...

Before Sunset (Prima del Tramonto).

A lovely sequel to "Before Sunrise", the charmingly diminutive romantic movie that Richard Linklater made in 1995, in which Jesse (Ethan Hawke), a footloose young American, and Celine (Julie Delpy), a...

Alien vs. Predator.

Following on the heels of such mostly unmemorable super-monster matchups as "Freddy vs. Jason" and "Godzilla vs. Mothra," "Alien vs. Predator" proves once again that it doesnt pay to double your troub...

Betrayal by Harold Pinter.

Until 28 Oct 2004. Directed by Cesare Lievi, with Massimo Popolizio, Laura Marinoni, Stefano Santospago. In Italian.

London Jazz Festival 2004.

12-21 Nov 2004. Over a period of ten days a wealth of premieres, commissions, collaborations and new talent are on show across London, along with a celebration of the jazz tradition. This year feature...

Tancredi by Rossini.

Until 10 Nov 2004. Conducted by Gianluigi Gelmetti, directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, with Daniela Barcellona, Mariella Devia, Raul Gimenez, Giacinta Nicotra. Opera Notes Venices great theatre, La Fen...

Luigi Ontani. Eros and Heroes.

Until 30 Dec 2004. Ontani, one of Italys most unusual international artists, has always based his rich production on his own image. He himself is the object of his art; his subject matter is other be...

La Brocca Rotta by Heinrich von Kleist.

Until 14 Nov 2004. Directed and translated by Cesare Lievi, with Franca Nuti, Gian Carlo Dettori, Sandra Toffolatti, Leonardo de Colle. Lievi has attempted to highlight the many levels of reading this...

The IVth Episode of Tragedia Endogonidia.

BR.#04 Bruxelles/Brussel the IVth Episode of Tragedia Endogonidia. Until 19 Nov 2004. For Romaeuropa Festival, by the Societas Raffaello Sanzio directed by Romeo Castellucci. The Tragedia Endogonidia...


Until 21 Nov 2004. The Musical, from an idea by David De Silva, choreography by Stefano Bontempi.

King Lear by Shakespeare.

Until 28 Nov 2004. Directed by Antonio Calenda, with the acclaimed actor Roberto Herlitzka.

Finding Neverland.

Steeped in melancholy, the strange story of J. M. Barrie, the Victorian who wrote Peter Pan, has the makings of a marvellous tale and one doozy of a case history. Born in Scotland in 1860, Barrie was...

The Incredibles.

Its not every animated movie that deals with midlife crisis, marital dysfunction, child neglect, impotence fears, fashion faux pas and existential angst. But The Incredibles the latest in the line of...

Italian Drawings 1920-1980.

27 Oct-31 Jan 2005. Small works by Cambelotti, De Chirico, Depero, Severini, Licini, Leoncillo, Melotti, Fontana. Italian Drawings 1920-1980. 27 Oct-31 Jan 2005. Most galleries, museums or discernin...

Felice Levini, "Non c".

Until 20 Dec 2004. Paintings, collages, sculptures in various materials illustrate the artists experimental vein.


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