Every Sunday anybody wanting a fresh look for the traditional Italian late-afternoon stroll can pop along to Parco della Resistenza, just off the Aventino, and have their hair cut in the open air according to Italian daily, La Repubblica. For the past few months four Ukrainian women have been gaining a growing reputation and making a nice little earner cutting hair for punters, mainly immigrants from Russia and Romania. Armed with nothing more than some scissors and a water-spray bottle to moisten up the follicles, Petra, Karina and their friends will do a short cut and style for 5 or something a bit more flash for 6. And being outdoors there is no need for a blow dry, as a gentle breeze does the trick. Their service has won them a regular 30 or so customers a week, mainly people who work during normal hours and cannot get to the hairdressers for a trim. In fact, business is so brisk that anyone interested needs to book ahead a week.