The minister of the interior, Giuseppe Pisan has had a second meeting with the 16-member nationwide Islamic committee set up to assist the integration of Muslims in Italy. At the meeting on 7 March the committee condemned any offence to religious values and symbols, and recognised the right of Israel to exist alongside an independent Palestinian state.

One of its members Nour Dachan, the head of the powerful Unione comunit Islamiche Italiane (Ucoii) asked for the construction of more mosques throughout the country, and an hour of Islamic instruction and the teaching of Arabic in schools. He has also called for the correction of false information about the Muslim faith in Italian schools texts, no school for Muslims on Fridays, special canteens in schools, factories, prisons and hospitals and breaks for prayers. He has also asked for tax concessions for Islamic banks and mortgages.

One of the women on the committee, Souad Sbai, president of the association of Moroccan women, suggested that imams should make their sermons in Italian who should follow a special formation university course in Italy.