Numbering some 230,000 individuals, Romes foreign residents make up seven per cent of the population. Recently-updated data from the city council provides a snapshot of Romes multicultural side. Despite being somewhat behind other major European capitals Pariss foreign population accounts for 11.9 per cent of the total for example Romes immigrant community has doubled since 1997. In 2004 the city council figures show that 24,000 foreigners registered and 3,000 children were born in Rome to at least one foreign parent. Many of Romes foreigners are married (40 per cent), over half (55 per cent) are women and almost 13 per cent are children aged 15 or below. There are some 9,000 pupils from immigrant families in Romes schools. Romanians now make up the largest European immigrant community in Rome (11 per cent of the total) while Filipinos are the largest foreign community overall with 12 per cent of the total. Egyptians (four per cent) are the most prevalent Africans in Rome. The data does not take account of the likely substantial numbers of non-registered foreign nationals living in the Rome province.