Italian immigration: Immigration work applications open.

From 1 December employers must apply online through the ministry of the interior website for permission to take on new immigrant employees. On this website there are long but clear instructions for the employment application process for the 170,000 new (non-seasonal) immigrants that will be allowed to work in Italy under the 2007 quotas. It is the employer who must register with and complete the application for the immigrant. After the initial registration, the employer must then request a form and download the necessary software. Filing requests for permission to employ an immigrant will be in three phases, beginning on 15 December. Requests for employees from the following countries, all of which already have agreements with Italy, will be possible from 15 December: Albania (4,500), Algeria (1,000), Bangladesh (3,000), Egypt (8,000), the Filippines (5,000), Ghana (1,000), Morocco (4,500), Moldavia (6,500), Nigeria (1,500), Pakistan (1,000), Senegal (1,000), Somalia (100), Sri Lanka (3,500), Tunisia (4,000). From 18 December applications for domestic workers will open. From 21 December employers of all other workers will be able to apply. To confirm that the application, which must be submitted online, has been received, a receipt will be sent online from the ministry of the interior to acknowledge that the request has arrived. Applications can made either by individuals or through employers' associations. Requests will be accepted only online this year, not through the post office as in previous years.

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