Fabrizio G. Scalabrino gives his own take on the recent G8 summit in L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: countdown to the G8.

Too late to pull back. On 2 July prime minister Silvio Berlusconi spent seven hours in L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: four-legged friends.

The majority of pets in L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: precarious economic situation.

Negative trend. Over the past year Abruzzo has been suffering the consequences of the world

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: Protest in Rome/1.

Local administrators and politicians are brushed aside as Guido Bertolaso, head of the civil protection agency with full powers bestowed on him by prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, takes over. Top...

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: protest in Rome/2.

Decree. It is past midday on 16 June and the first few hundred people are gathered in front of Montecitorio to protest against the decree concerning the reconstruction of Abruzzo, which is soon to be...

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: Campaign 100% for reconstruction.

On 16 June the various associations of earthquake victims who are living in tents or have been evacuated from L

COLLEFERRO: Moonlighting in Strasbourg.

Just as in the rest of Italy, a little over half of Colleferro

COLLEFERRO: Driver L and the devil you don’t.

Public transportation in Colleferro consists of two bus lines known as

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: harassment in camps.

Mockery. The serious problems of the tent population continue. After the cold and rain of the past weeks, now the heat of early summer has arrived. The civil protection agency is giving the usual basi...

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: nature reclaims its role.

The earthquake is far away. By 05.30 the rising sun has already started illuminating Abruzzo

COLLEFERRO: A mirror of Italy.

On a broad plain some 55 km south of the capital between the Alban hills to the north and the Monti Lepini to the south; at a crossroads between the A1 motorway, the Via Casilina, the historic Via Cas...


The tension in the tent camps increases day by day as physical problems and mental depression prevail. During the week beginning 11 May the head of the civil protection agency Guido Bertolaso met with...

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: dignified parents.

Buried alive. What is it like to have a son or daughter die, smothered under buildings that were inadequate to protect lives during an earthquake? In L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: nun first to protest.

In the earthquake areas, the honeymoon between Silvio Berlusconi, Abruzzo and the state is fast coming to an end. The prime minister is losing his appeal as his makeup starts fading and his hairdresse...

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: From the blue seas of La Maddalena to devastated L’Aquila.

G8 Slogan. The slogan of the new symbol for the G8 meeting which takes place in L


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