Mater Dei 1920x16
Mater Dei 1920x16
Mater Dei 1920x16
Santa Cecilia 700x180
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20 May-30 July 2003. Giuseppe Spagnulo. Ferro&Fuoco. 20 May-30 July. This is material fresh from the bowels of the earth, pieces that still seem hot from the furnace. Spagnulo was trained by his father in Puglia, where t...
6 June-6 July 2003. This beautiful Greek bronze moves to the Capitoline Museums before being returned to a specially built museum in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, where it was fished from deep waters in 1998. Four years of c...
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
4 June-7 July 2003. Photographs taken by Franco Di Giamberardino over the last 25 years of street people in Rome.
13 May-31 Aug 2003. An exhibition about one of the most important movements in contemporary Italian art, MAC (Movimento Arte Concreta), which developed in Milan in the late 1940s around Bruno Munari, Atanasio Soldati and...
3 June-3 Sept 2003. Work on paper by three young artists.
22 May-7 Sept 2003. Paintings, frescoes, liturgical dress and objects, manuscripts and books illustrate artistic activity from the end of the Byzantine empire up to the dawn of the Greek state in 1830.
7 June-7 Sept 2003. The exhibition features Cragg, one of the leading protagonists of contemporary art, and three other young artists who have already made a name for themselves.
20 May-20 July. This is a careful survey of one of the pioneers of the Piazza del Popolo school (Schifano, Angeli, Lombardo, Mambor and so on) that began to develop in Rome in the 1960s. At the end of his short career (1...
30 May-7 Sept 2003. Documents, memorabilia and testimonies celebrate the life and work of the Italian statesman who died in 1903.
AOSR H3 1920 x 190
AOSR H3 1920 x 190
AOSR H3 1920 x 190
Paideia H3 320x480
10 May-20 July 2003. These are paintings from the last years of the man who was most celebrated for his decorations of official buildings under fascism. The murals of the EUR complex E42, planned for a world fair but sti...
12 June-18 July. Work by 14 contemporary artists from around the world who have lived and worked in Germany, including Korean video artist Nam June Paik and English sculptor Tony Cragg.
9 June-15 July. Fifteen paintings and sculptures by Scarpella.
17 May-29 June 2003. An exhibition of aerial photographs of Italy.
11-29 June 2003. 14th-17th-century Italian paintings recently donated to the state in memory of Roberto and Paolo Volponi.
Photographic exhibition "Poetics of Detail." Images of Rome, Venice, and southern Italy at one of Rome's hippest new locales.
Italian and foreign artists, and children from schools in the Castelli Romani village of Nemi display work on the theme of "peace". All paintings are for sale; proceeds will go to Medicins sans frontiers.
15 June 2003-2 Nov 2003. The 50th international exhibition of contemporary art is directed by Francesco Bonami and has the theme "Dreams and conflicts the viewers dictatorship". This year for the first time the exhibiti...
28 May 2003. Christian Jankowsky's video "The Matrix Effect" will be shown amid Sol Lewitt's exhibition of wall drawings (19.00).
3 June-20 June 2003. The annual exhibition by fellows of the American Academy in Rome, who this year include Rachel Allen, Gabriele Gelatti, Margaret Helfano and John Schlesinger. By appointment only.
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia