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11 June-14 Sept 2003. The life and work of the Norwegian artist Hendrik Andersen are at the centre of this exhibition, which also contains work by many 19th-century artists who spent time in Rome, including Henry James a...
16 May-31 July 2003. Twenty-five black-and-white photographs of coffee growers.
Ambrit 724 x 450
8 July-20 Aug 2003. An exhibition on 47 protected areas including parks, maritime areas, archaeological sites and a sanctuary for marine mammals.
5 June-30 Sept 2003. This English conceptualist amuses himself with the crudeness of public labels and of dumb phrases left on lavatory walls. Sentences like I hate you because you make me hate you (sic) are printed in b...
4 June-31 Aug 2003. Usually artists start as painters and then become photographers or filmmakers. In Beninatis case it is the other way round. From a movie maker and assistant he progressed to a new technique of paintin...
26 June-12 Oct 2003. Still lifes from the 16th to the 18th century.
8 July 2003-31 Dec 2003. Everyday objects from the tombs of slaves and freedmen provide an insight into life in Imperial Rome between the first and the third century AD. The necropolis of 600 graves between Via Anagnina...
11 July-12 Oct 2003. Over 20 figurative and architectural drawings by Michelangelo from the "Casa Buonarroti" collection which have never been shown in Rome before.
12 July-5 Aug 2003. Precious jewels discovered in Roman tombs and work by Roman goldsmiths.
19 July-5 Sept 2003. Around a hundred photographs from the famous Alinari archives which document the transformation of Rome since the end of the 19th century.
AUR 1920x190
AUR 1920x190
AUR 1920x190
Mater Dei H3 - 320x480
4 July 2003-7 Jan 2004. This exhibition is a journey in images and verse through centuries of sports. It starts with Greek and Roman games and concludes with the brutal killings in the Colosseum.
16 June-13 Sept 2003. This is a rotating show of work in ink, graphite, charcoal or watercolour, in progress or finished, by painters, sculptors and architects. Under the shrewd guidance of the architect Moschini, this g...
Until 7 July. It is just over 200 years since French writer, Catholic apologist and politician Franois-Ren de Chateaubriand published his influential book Le Gnie du Christianisme, emphasising the aesthetic and human app...
Until 19 July. This exhibition celebrates the Salvadoran wife of Antoine de Saint-Exupry, French author of The Little Prince. The fiery Consuelo was the inspiration for the princes beloved rose in the classic fairytale f...
Until 6 July. Documents from the state archives provide a snapshot of the 1953 elections in Italy. At the time the centrist majority, led by Christian Democrat Alcide De Gasperi, provoked protest from the left-wing oppos...
New York photographer Miriam Leuchter explores the false innocence of childhood through ten large-scale color works.
Photographic exhibition "Poetics of Detail." Images of Rome, Venice, and southern Italy at one of Rome's hippest new locales.
30 May-27 July 2003. Work by two major illustrators and decorators of the beginning of the 20th century.
23 May-27 July 2003. A selection of contemporary art works acquired by the Vatican Museums in the last 23 years.
3 June-2 July 2003. Installation by German artist Corinna Mayer.
Mater Dei - 1400x360