Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
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As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome (25 March 1957, the official birth date of the European Union) Rome
Rome city council has pledged that up to two per cent of the total cost of constructing or restyling all public works or buildings will now go toward the creation of a public work of art at the same site. Young artists i...
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In a world influenced by western thinking patterns, Professor Paolo Matthiae, professor of archaeology and history of art of the ancient Near East at Rome
Rome city council has introduced a new service allowing readers to search the catalogues of the capital
The Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI) weekend this year will be on 24-25 March when 500 buildings, monuments and places of special artistic interest throughout Italy will be open to the public free of charge (although visito...
The discovery of sections a Roman villa at Castel di Guido on the Via Aurelia, roughly 10 km outside Rome
For International Women
The ever-popular Sanremo song festival, in its 57th year, is now in full swing until 3 March. The musical competition at Sanremo
The officers club has finally left Palazzo Barberini, more or less in accordance with the agreement signed with the minister of fine arts, Francesco Rutelli, at the end of last summer. It has moved to the nearby Palazzo...
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RIS H3 1920x190
RIS H3 1920x190
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The new, more stringent, requirements for access permits to the limited circulation area, or ZTL, of the historic centre have already seen a nine per cent reduction in the number of cars authorised to drive in the centre...
Francesco Pellin, a fish-importer from Busto Arsizio, is negotiating with Rome to set up a museum to display his collection of works by Renato Guttuso, the Sicilian painter (1912
After five months of work the counter fa
Recent archaeological excavations in the Arunci hills behind Fondi brought to light a section of huge city walls and the ruins of several dwellings. The archaeological team from Naples and Bologna universities which made...
The Teatro dell
The new Villa Borghese Card, which costs
The ministry of fine arts has announced that every weekend until 5 and 6 of May 2007 there will guided tours to the historic rooms (Saloni Storici) of the Palazzo Venezia which are normally not accessible to public excep...
The 100-year old clock tower on St Mark
The composer Gian Carlo Menotti, founder of the Spoleto Festival, has died at the age of 95 in Montecarlo. Born in Cadegliano (Varese) on 7 July 1911, he began his musical studies at the Milan conservatoire, before mo...
Starting on 4 February it will be possible to visit the Palazzo Senatorio on the Capitoline Hill on the first Sunday of every month. The visits, in groups 30, will take place every 10
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