Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Haavas H1 1920 x 116 ITA
Mater Dei H1 700x180
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A collection of work by scholars of foreign academies in Rome.
Until 18 April 2003. Photographs and documentaries on Nicaragua organised by the Terre des hommes Italia Foundation, which aids children in difficulty.
Mater Dei H2 724x450
Until 19 April 2003. Work on paper from Futurism to Expressionism (1920-1955).
Until 10 April 2003. Photographs by Frank Dituri and texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini translated into English.
1 April-1 June 2003. This Greek bronze was discovered in the waters of Sicily in 1998. Four years of careful work have restored it to its original beauty.
28 March-2 June 2003. Recent work by the abstract artist. Carla Accardi was one of the members of Forma Uno, the group of Italian pioneers of Abstraction born after world war two. One of the strongest of Italian women...
Until 11 April. Oil paintings, gouaches, drawings and sculptures. 16.00-20.00. Mon closed.
Until 24 April 2003. Thirty watercolour paintings by Pedro Cano dedicated to his home town of Blanca.
Until 4 May 2003. Sacred art from the south of Portugal.
Until 10 May 2003. Sculptures.
Mater Dei 1920x190
Mater Dei 1920x190
Mater Dei 1920x190
JCU 320x480
21-29 March. Conducted by Bruno Bartoletti, directed by Liliana Cavani, with Patricia Racette, Peter Straka, Kathryn Harries, Torsten Kert.
Until 29 March. Abstract prints in a variety of techniques plus a few small oils.
Until 30 March. Objects, prints and paintings from Pakistan, China, Japan and other countries illustrate the concept of sport from the second century BC. 8.30-14.00. Tues, Thurs, Sun and holidays 08.30-19.30. 1st and 3rd...
Until 4 May 2003. The first exhibition in Italy of the work of the Oldenburg court painter who died in 1863. Willer lived in Rome from 1835 to 1863 and dedicated himself to painting the landscapes of Lazio. 10.00-18.00....
28 Nov 2002 - 26 May 2003. Magic and religious objects and documents from the Russian Museum of Ethnography of St Petersburg. 09.00-18.00. Sat-Sun 09.00-20.00. Mon closed.
Ferrara Until 15 June 2003. Paintings by 18th- and 19th-century masters inspired by Shakespeare.
Until 16 April. This exhibition traces the development of engraving techniques from the 1400s to the present day through 150 works from the collection of the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica. 10.00-19.00. The Calcograf...
7 March-6 July 2003. 70 paintings by impressionist masters including Monet, Degas and Czanne. Mon-Thurs 09.30-19.30. Fri-Sat 09.30-23.30. Sun 09.30-20.30.
Until 15 March. Kaleidoscopic scenes of Rome.
Until 18 March. One painting and three sculptures by the contemporary artist. 15.30-19.30. Mon closed.
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia