Day trip in Tivoli

Tivoli is a perfect Rome day trip only 30km away were to view Lazio's countryside. Romans have been coming to Tivoli as an escape from the city for centuries. 

The valley below Tivoli is famous for stone and water.  This is the hometown of travertine, the white stone that emperors and popes used to build Rome, take as an example the façade of St.Peter church or the outer rings of the Colosseum. The quarries are still on site. The same area is well known for thermal baths. The Acque Abule Springs are sulphur rich and with a high content of minerals, several spa locations give you the possibility to bath is this unique cold and sparkling healthy water.

The wold wide famous monument of Tivoli is undoubtedly Hadrian’s Villa, the largest palace ever built in Ancient Rome and nowadays one of the most important archaeological sites of Europe

"Walking around it today, it is still possible to experience something of the variety of architectural forms and settings, and the skilful way in which Hadrian and his architect have contrived the meetings of the axes, the surprises that await the turning of a corner, and the vistas that open to view."

- Sir Banister Fletcher in his “History of Architecture”

On the hill is located the picturesque middle age village of Tivoli where will visit  the famous Villa d’Este, a cloister that in 1550 was converted into an exclusive retreat for Cardinals. Inside, the walls of the palace are covered in beautiful frescoes, with sections of the original roman marble floor still remaining. The beauty of its gardens full to bursting point with fountains, manicured lawns, vibrant flowers and preened hedges.