Until 30 Nov. A unique cultural experiment is taking place in the centre of Berlin as the Communist-era Palast der Republik becomes a multifunctional complex for culture and experimental art open to all, called the Volkspalast (People's Palace). The Palast der Republik, a huge complex of concrete, steel and glass, is a reminder of the now-defunct German Democratic Republic. Once the most visited place in the Republic, the building has been standing empty for more than 14 years. A fierce debate is still raging over its future, but considering Berlin's financial situation, it is most likely that it will be pulled down. Before that, a coalition of artists, architects and historians have organised an unusual revival turning the complex, which looks like a huge car park from the inside, into a multifunctional stadium with its own concert hall, conference centre, theatre, nightclub, sports hall and exhibition space. An extensive programme of cultural events have been planned and events are open to anyone and everyone till the end of November.

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Address Volkspalast (People's Palace).

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Volkspalast A Cultural Experiment.

Volkspalast (People's Palace).