This Rome-based rock group formed in 2002 by Ugo Moretti performs live hits of the original Rolling Stones band. Some of the best hits by the band include Don't Stop, Miss You and Brown Sugar. Mark your diary for concerts lined up in Rome for January and February.

Fri 28 Jan. Club One Fuego starting 22.00. Via Nomentana 145 (Porta Pia). Tel. 0697843714

Fri 3 Feb. Club Mais Caf starting 21.30. Via di Porta Labicana 52 (San Lorenzo). Tel. 064456962

Sat 12 Feb. Club 360 starting 22.30. Via degli Equi 57(San Lorenzo).Tel. 3331259901.

Thur 17 Feb. Club Radio Londra starting 22.00. Via di Monte Testaccio 65. Tel. 06575004.

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Address For more information tel. 3286921978.

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The Stoners.

For more information tel. 3286921978.