27 May-13 June 2005. The contemporary artist displays his latest sculptures made of light wood in a small gallery space-cum-shop window in the centre of Rome. 10.00-13.00, 16.00-19.30. Sun and Mon closed.

Paul Klerr, a Roman who grew up in America, is one of the most enticing sculptors around. He treats the old question of shape versus void in sculpture in the most intriguing manner, using the most fragile and unpredictable materials he can find, as if to spite time. He also spites weight and balance, so that his whimsical abstractions fly and lean and defy gravity. One of his favourite materials is plain white paper, which he folds, cuts, creases, twists, proud to make structures that are both tender and strong. He can also use found materials for bigger works, building-bricks, driftwood, cuts of aluminium, rusted wire, which he turns into evocative creatures. Little sculptures speak to you with a mysterious, not at all small, voice. The innocent way Klerr blends artistic certainty with a sense of fleeting devil-may-care freedom is a wonder.

Here he fills one of the tiniest galleries ever with structures of light wood. It is in downtown Rome in a shop window invented as a showcase for all thats new and sophisticated in art in the city by its unprejudiced and perspicacious owner. Mondello Ottica. Via del Pellegrino 98. Tel. 066861955. 10.00-13.00, 16.00-19.30. Sun and Mon closed. Edith Schloss

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Address Mondello Ottica, Via del Pellegrino 98, tel. 066861955.

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Paul Klerr. Sculptures.

Mondello Ottica, Via del Pellegrino 98, tel. 066861955.

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