24 Sept-4 Oct 2005. Conducted by Roberto Abbado, directed by Paul Curran, with Erwin Shrott and Dimitra Theodossiou.

Florence will begin its autumn season with I Lombardi alla prima crociata by Giuseppe Verdi (25 Sept-4 Oct). The main singers are Dimitra Theodossiou, Ramn Vargas and Erwin Schrott. The female protagonist, Giselda, is a passionate woman who expresses herself in delicate song, but with firey accents. Theodossiou has the right personality and singing technique and knows the role well, having performed it successfully a few years ago in Bergamo and Cremona. Ramn Vagas, who started as a lyrical tenor, is now facing more demanding roles, such as those of Verdis operas. The third protagonist is Erwin Schrott, who moves with ease from Rossini and Mozart to Verdi; The character he plays demands energy but also abandon, moving from the villain to the hero who dies as a saint. The conductor is Roberto Abbado, who is admired for his precise and analytical style. Paul Curran, the director, focuses on a few stage essentials and on a reflective recital with attention to detail. Paolo Di Nicola

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Address Teatro Comunale, tel. 055213535.

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I Lombardi alla prima crociata by Verdi.

Teatro Comunale, tel. 055213535.