Best DJs in Rome this week end

June has arrived but, due to the rain, I've hardly noticed. In any case summer night clubs are opening and festivals are starting (Rock in Roma for example began yesterday with the Green Day concert).

Main event of this weekend is the 4th edition of Villa Aperta festival in the amazing frame of Villa Medici (French Academy) inside Villa Borghese. Thursday is ‘Music from the world’ night with Concrete Knives, Terakraft and The Master Musicians of Joujouka; Friday is electro night with Krisma, Arnaud Rebotini and amazing turkish-cypriot (but London-based) DJ Erol Alkan; Saturday is rock-electro with Christine and the Queens, Mind Enterprises and guest stars Klaxons. Choose the music you prefer and go at least one night!

On Thursday you can also go to the opening of La Bibliotechina with Turkish DJ Onur Ozer from Cocoon Recordings (but he also published on Watergate, Desolat and Vakant). On Friday Andrea Doria sporting club open up its doors with an interesting German duo Tiger & Woods (record label: Editainment) Still at Andrea Doria, on Saturday, there is the opening of Rebel Rebel night with English DJ Midland (record label: Aus Music) introduced by resident Dj Zerø. Salone delle Fontane will hosts Channel Zoo night (from Channel Zoo recordings and events based in Ibiza) with Italian DJ Federico Grazzini and English DJ Spencer Parker.

A bit later than other clubs, Atlantico will close the winter season with We Speak Techno night hosting Italian DJs Angy Kore, Frankyefee and Emix.

You think that weekend is done? On Sunday Goa Ultrabeat crew introduce the first of several events on the beach (Riva Beach Club, Fregene) with very cool DJs. Superstar will be Russian DJ Nina Kravitz (record label: ReKids), introduced by Italian amazing DJs Silvie Loto and DJ Red. Hopefully the rain will not join those events as well.

by G.L.Panetta