Batsheva Dance Company

8, 9 Nov.

In  Deca Dance and Sadeh21, choreography by Ohad Naharin. Tel Aviv’s acclaimed Batsheva Dance Company presents two different dance experiences.

When first performed in 2000, Deca Dance celebrated 10 years of Naharin’s work with Batsheva Dance Company. Highlighting many facets of his repertoire, Naharin reconstructed his oeuvre by taking sections of existing works and reorganising them into a fresh experience.

The performance offers the public the chance to partake of Naharin’s wide-ranging repertoire, from its most extravagant to its most intimate. Deca Dance continues to evolve to this day. Sadeh21, the choreographer’s most recent work, was developed using Naharin’s Gaga technique in collaboration with the dancers.

He created “Gaga” to help the dancer reach a heightened level of physical sensitivity, and find unusual ways to move the body with a relaxed and easy physical fluidity, no matter how complex the movement pattern. “Sadeh” means “field” in Hebrew, as in a field of study.

The piece is made up of a series of studies in movement, and projected titles announce each new “sadeh”. The score consists mostly of the music of Brian Eno and David Darling. The work begins with each of the 18 dancers coming onstage to perform an individual sequence and builds in complexity and momentum.  Also in Turin on 12, 13 Nov at Fonderie Teatrali Limone, tel. 0115169555.

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Address Auditorium Conciliazione, for Romaeuropa Festival, tel. 0645553050

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Batsheva Dance Company

Auditorium Conciliazione, for Romaeuropa Festival, tel. 0645553050