Wanted in Rome Junior: The Friendly Lerl

Fourth-grade Derek Montes Baffier, aged 9, from Ambrit International School.

In Utah, lived an imaginative boy called Jason Tale. Jason was always told off at school for drawing his imaginative characters. His parents were never happy about his report cards, he got E- on almost everything except for physical education. He had ADHD causing him to get straight A+s on physical education.

“So today we will be learning about the greenhouse effect on Venus,” said Mrs Shile pointing her stick at the chalkboard where it said “Greenhouse Effect”. Jason laid lifelessness on his desk with his pencil stuck between two of his fingers.

“JASON!!!” yelled Mrs. Shile in anger with her stick still pointed at the chalkboard. Jason woke up and said in a stammer “Yes Mrs. Shine, uh Shile,”


“That we humans are dumb and idiotic we make… pollution,”

“Close enough,” Mrs Shile said turning around. Mrs Shile always thought that Jason lost his frontal lobe because he wasn't afraid to get in trouble.

Every day school was hard and he always went to the principal, but this day was like any other. When he went home he went, to the bathroom, washed his hands, dressed up, and wrote his comic. Jason always sold comics at his school and raised $20. Then he went to his garden to do a role play about his comics. His parents never talked to him since he is so bad at school.

He snuck to the kitchen to get dinner and grabbed some cereal for extra. When he went to bed he heard a weird noise; like a cat screaming, but running 1,000 miles per hour. He snuck to his backyard by his window and saw a circle of glowing light. The glow shined in his face as he turned his head around to avoid the shining glow. He had the courage to stand inside the circle. As he stepped inside, he was pushed back with amazing force. Then a small smashing started forming and he looked through the glass and saw an ALIEN.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” screamed Jason in terror.

The alien stepped in the grass with smoke floating behind him.

“AN ALIEN” screamed Jason in complete horror.

“Zat myhn,” the alien said as he grabbed an astronaut like helmet in his hands. The helmet had the glass broken off. The alien put the helmet on Jason.

“Calling any living thing in space an alien is just racist,” the alien said to Jason,


“I’m a Lerl,” explained the Lerl. Jason's face switched immediately from horror to “What the heck are you talking about” face.

“A Lerl is a species from the pla-,” but before the Lerl could say any more, Jason replied,

“Okay first of all, you greet a person by telling them their name, and second of all, continue, I’m interested,”

The Lerl continued, “From planet Rel,”

“So… what is this hunk-a-junk on my head anyway?” questioned Jason

“It’s a way you can understand our language. Now hop in; want an adventure?”

“I’ve been hoping to escape my miserable life,” replied Jason happily.

The Lerl had one eye, a circled face with tentacles as its feet, and had two claws for his mouth. Jason hopped in and the Lerl said:

“I think you should hold on. We’re going a few miles per hour,” said the Lerl.

“Wait…… I should hold onto something even though we’re going a few miles per hour?” questioned Jason.

“Just hold on,” the Lerl said rolling his eyes as he turned a gear.

The ship hovered for two seconds as smoke underneath it spread all around. Then the ship lifted off into space as a huge smoke trail was left behind.

Mr and Ms Tale were preparing to talk to their son after months of silence.

“Where is that boy?” Ms Tale said to her husband.

“JASON” yelled Mr Tale as he stomped towards Jason’s room calmly. Mr Tale knocked on the door, his parents acted nicely than ever before. When Mr Tale opened his son's door, he fell in horror!!

“HE’S NOT IN HIS ROOM,” screamed Mr Tale. Ms Tale ran to the scene and saw that the window was wide open and smoke was trailing in the sky.

Jason held on to a lever, but he didn’t care. The ship turned to amazing speed when the lever Jason was holding onto pulled back and the ship teleported to a planet. Jason realized that it was REL. The ship turned upside down as Jason stumbled to the roof while the Lerl held on tight with a grip of a crane to the handle. From where he was on the roof Jason could hear something extending outwards.

“By the way,” said the Lerl, “my name is Alak,”


“We aren’t gonna crash ya dummy. This ship lands upside down y’now,”

“Worst ship design company ever,” Jason yelled as he managed to get up despite the G-Force.

“This is Alak coming in at runway 4,” Alak said into a microphone, “Permission granted,” Jason thought it was a control tower person who controlled the flights.

“Hey how come my helmet didn’t fall off when I fell here?”

“Because only my fingerprints can access a key that can unlock the helmet,” replied Alak. By now they were in Rel’s atmosphere burning all over the place.

“Slow down the ship to 190 knots,” the control tower guy said. Alak pulled the flaps.

Ambrit International School, Via F. Tajani 50, www.ambrit-rome.com.

Ambrit building

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