Top ten dislikes about Rome

Recently Wanted in Rome asked its Facebook fans to identify the things they least liked about living in Rome.

The responses we received came from both Italians and foreign residents in the capital. Based on the survey results we have compiled a list of the top ten dislikes about daily life in Rome.

1. Rubbish. Complaints included irregular collection and litter on the street.

2. Public transport. Over-crowding and infrequent service.

3. Pavements and streets. Sidewalks in disrepair, potholes on streets and graffiti on walls.

4. Dog excrement. Prevalence of owners who fail to clean up after their dogs.

5. Street vendors. Persistent and sometimes aggressive street hawkers.

6. Pickpockets.

7. Driving. Dangerous “macho” driving and double parking.

8. Inflated prices. Tourists/foreigners being ripped off.

9. Public transport strikes.

10. Roman centurion impersonators.

The majority of the responses we received related to these ten categories, however we received a number of other complaints. They include, in no particular order:

noise pollution

“cheesy souvenirs” outside historic sites


illegal posters

being hassled to sign the “stop the drugs” petitions

bus stops without benches

rude, disrespectful tourists

Feel free to add your own dislikes on our website below the post. 

Wanted in Rome
Wanted in Rome
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