Top 10 best things about life in Rome

Following the response generated by our Top ten dislikes about Rome, we asked our Facebook fans to identify the things they liked best about living in Rome.

Based on the survey results, Wanted in Rome has compiled a list of the top ten best things about daily life in the capital.

1. Romans. Traits listed include good humour, hospitality, impulsive nature and kindness.

2. History. Praise for ongoing restoration of city's historic sites.

3. Food. Cacio e pepe, wine, and apertivi outdoors.

4. Fountains. Special mention for Fontana delle Tartarughe and also city's nasoni drinking fountains.

5. Climate. Sunshine and spectacular storms.

6. Pantheon. Particularly that visitors can walk in for free.

7. Piazza Navona.

8. Colosseum.

9. Coffee.

10. Icecream.

The majority of the responses we received related to these ten categories, however we were sent a number of other interesting observations. They include, in no particular order:

Magical light

Umbrella pines

Italian language

Cats at Largo Argentina


Views from the seven hills

Giardino degli Aranci

Francesco Totti

Feel free to add the things you love about living in Rome on our website below the post.